Freebie funnels are an efficient way to boost your online store!

You can escalate your online store with a freebie funnel. With this funnel, you can make a specific product stand out and achieve efficient conversion rates. In this episode, Jörg Dennis Krüger explains what this funnel is all about and why it is so important for your online store.


My name is Jörg Dennis Krüger, and as my master painter at reception rightly said:

Yes, I am the conversion hacker. 

And this edition of the Conversion Hacking Podcast is all about sales funnels. Because sales funnels can be something really cool in e-commerce. How does a sales funnel work? Without a store, or at least without a store that the user perceives as a store, but a salt funnel really is a funnel. We usually show the customer a product and then we say: "Okay, here, would you like this? If so, enter your payment details." And the product is sold! 

Then you can add upsells, either before the customer actually buys or after they have already bought. Why do you do this? You do this to place efficient ads, to really boost a product, to really push a product. Often also seen as a freebie funnel. 

Freebie funnel would mean that we give something away for free. It's never really completely free, but you can do it for shipping costs or something. For example, you have vitamin tablets and the first tin or a small tin is free. You only pay 4.95 shipping costs. Maybe the shipping costs are even cheaper than 4.95, so that you're more or less out to zero, plus of course the advertising costs. So you're spending something, but you're generating new customers. 

And then you can say directly after they've bought the free product, "Hey, look, if you add two cans of another product, I'll give you a 50 percent discount on these cans." And then they say "Yes, I'd like that!" And then even the first purchase via such a freebie funnel can be profitable (i.e. advertising costs, and that it still brings a profit), even though you have actually offered a free product. 

And the real aim of this whole campaign is to collect an e-mail address. After all, the customer is interested in the product, tries it out and we have their email address so that we can send them newsletters and offer them other products. And that's why sales funnels like this are pretty effective when it comes to generating new customers. You can do some really great things with them. You just have to think about whether you have a type of product that you can offer with a perfect offer. And do you have products that you can upsell or something? 

Of course, for something like this to work, the same rules apply as everywhere else: I have to generate good traffic accordingly. I first have to collect enough data, then the campaign becomes cheaper and cheaper, and I need good advertising material and so on. Because of course I have to bring traffic to it, nobody comes up with it on their own. A page like that won't rank organically, it's really made to bring traffic up there, usually via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. But then it can work pretty well, and technically it's also pretty simple. 

If you already have WooCommerce, you can buy a plug-in for a little extra money that allows you to implement such funnels with your existing products. The design can be done in Elementor or other editors, so it's also quite simple. And you just have to make sure that the tracking is set up properly and that you send the right ads there and track the whole thing correctly. But it's definitely a pretty cool thing. 

And of course you can really go out with it, you can really say: "Hey, try it out here for free." We've already done this for food, for vitamin tablets, for cleaning products, for dog food, for ourselves in a way the Conversion X-Ray, the store analysis that we offer (it's also implemented as a funnel). This is really also and WooCommerce behind it, so that the whole billing works. But it doesn't look like a WooCommerce, we've disconnected the store, instead you can only buy the products via these funnel pages. And that works really well. 

Especially because the conversion rate is often extremely high. If you do this well and generate good traffic, you can have conversion rates that are off the charts, i.e. 20 or 30 percent conversion rates, because the investment is naturally so low. And you can generally see the decisive factor when a store and when a funnel is successful: with an irresistible product. 

Or really only with a real power offer, i.e. a product that I don't have to think about, which actually sells itself. And when I see that I can get 30 vitamin tablets for €5.95 shipping costs, "Let me think about it. Sure!" I mean, for €6, which I can preferably pay with PayPal so that I really get my money back if it doesn't arrive. Or like we do with our Conversion X-Ray Check, where we even offer on account, without Klaner and stuff like that, just here: "Booking on account". 

We'll get the money if we have to or not. In this respect, simply "enter your invoice data". And we have a call with each other where we present analysis. Nobody will commit fraud and somehow try to get around the €10. In any case, you can have really great conversion rates with such irresistible products. And that simply ensures that you generate lots of new customers. And it's actually always much more efficient than if you implement the whole thing with normal advertising in the online store and hope they click through. 

Of course, when I offer products that customers only buy once, like printed T-shirts, it's rare that I really gain fans who buy from me again and again. That might be difficult. But you have to do some planning on how to generate such a power offer funnel. So, my customers come into a live call and we have a real discussion about what products you have and what you could put in a funnel like this? 

Because a funnel like that is then quickly set up, and once the product is there properly, we place advertising on it and then it works. And then it can really escalate so that you somehow make 20, 30, 40 sales a day. And then the advertising costs can more or less be recouped, you build up a database, send out newsletters and the store with the newsletter database can escalate properly. 

So, really cool stuff! Yes, you just have to do it. As mentioned before, plug-ins aren't that complicated. Sure, the whole setup, making sure everything works properly, if you have any upsells and so on, that's a bit of a technical effort. But I'll explain to everyone how it works and how to set it up when they come to me for coaching. 

But either way, you should definitely try it out for a store and think carefully about what kind of products you can offer. 

Because it is simply extremely efficient. 

So far from me this time, that was a real "conversion hacking story". You can also find more tips like this on my social media channels, at Jörg Dennis Krüger, on Instagram or Facebook. And I'm always happy to get five stars on Spotify, Apple iTunes or wherever you can promote a podcast. 

All the best, good luck with your Funnel and maybe see you soon!

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