Episode 13: Just trying everything sucks!

In episode 13 of the "Der Conversion-Hacker Podcast" Jörg Dennis Krüger explains why just trying it out doesn't make sense and which myths you should refrain from.


My topic today is actually a wrap-around through the world of myths and legends and, above all, reservations about conversion optimization.

Because I've talked to so many shop owners in the last few weeks and months and I've heard the same things extremely often. And now I just know why so many shops don't really scale. What exactly does scaling mean? Well, I mean, with an online shop like this, even with a small online shop, you can make a few thousand euros in sales a day – actually even tens of thousands of euros in sales a day, if you just do a few things right. If you do, of course, and that's the main problem I see with many online shop operators.

Of course, if you immediately always somehow; "Yeah, I've tried it before. That did not work. Yes, that just doesn't work with us..", if you always play like a skeptic, then of course it won't work and why do you become such a skeptic. Especially because somehow an incredible number of online shop operators, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - I see it very differently in the USA - a lot of online shop operators, try out an awful lot for themselves and are somehow always on the lookout for some tip like this better now goes to some little thing, some baam, how is there now somehow. But what they then forget is how complex trading and how complex online trading actually is. The best online retailers I see out there know their strengths and weaknesses and rely on outside experts or hire experts where they have weaknesses.

Definitely on expert knowledge and those who are not successful, who somehow try to do everything themselves and thus have the problem that they get lost in their own world of ideas. Because they try something, maybe something that can work relatively well, but because they don't really know how to do it, because they're doing it for the first time, because they try it instead of really doing it right, it doesn't work.

And then they think, shit doesn't work, we don't do it. For example, how often have I heard in the past few weeks: no, Facebook advertising doesn't work for us. And Facebook advertising quite often doesn't work. You can do a lot wrong, but if you do it right, it just works. Really cool. I spoke to an online shop operator, who is also a customer of mine, who on some days really invests a five-figure sum in Facebook advertising, because the right products have the right target group, which has a deficit over time and then scale it up really cool can. Well, a point like that doesn't work for me because I tried it once. And mainly because I tried it wrong, I think this doesn't work. But then these trying shop operators have so many topics on the list where it says: doesn't work, doesn't work, doesn't work, doesn't work, doesn't work. That they no longer see their potential or just say: "No, I've already done that, period. Are not with me it's just a strange business it's just like that..

And quite often the basics are done wrong. I can do the hottest campaign, the stingy targeting on Facebook or the hottest keywords and so on. If I have the wrong pictures on Facebook, the wrong texts on AdWords or the wrong landing pages and the wrong products and whatever, then it just doesn't work. And that's the reason why I've also evolved and never said that I only do conversion optimization with AB testing or we really only do it here now. How can we better guide users through the shop.

That does not work. I need conversion optimization as a 360 grad topic. See, so that I have the right foundation, the right traffic, then lead the users correctly, but since I also have several conversion goals in mind, maybe I can manage some traffic SEO traffic, for example, not to sell directly, but first I need some lead generation goal in between and when I have made someone a customer then I have to keep using them properly.

How do I talk to shops who say hey we don't do a newsletter we don't have time for bullshit. Excuse me. Making newsletters really isn't terribly complicated, is it. They do the newsletter but it's so close again. Yes, we have tried many things. Yes, but not really, otherwise with a large distribution list of maybe 15, 20,000 or more recipients, you would somehow only make 2,000, 3,000 euros in sales from one newsletter. Even if you promise discounts. Here with the few people I write to in my small mailing list, I make a newsletter with more sales and if you do it right, you can make sales of 50,000 euros with your newsletter, that's what happens to a customer who always somehow scared to send newsletters never really knew, but built a great template we put the right products in, sent the thing out at the right time and then the shop bled, because you just did it right. Well what ever.

What I'm saying in particular is get rid of this yes, I've tried that before and get rid of any guru tactics. I say I'm a conversion hacker. I say I know it works in conversion optimization. But I don't want to be perceived as a guru who kind of says he's eaten wisdom with three, three clicks with three strategies whatever can make a job suddenly multiply tenfold, conversion optimization is a process and one Mindset that I need to embed throughout the organization It's a learning process that I need to implement to make it really work.

And I have to teach that to all employees involved in the process and I have to keep asking myself, does what we are doing here now make sense for the conversion rate, does it make sense for the user because that's actually the question I have to ask? it to the user

if the user likes it it's good for conversion rate and good for organic ranking and good for quality score and good for all sorts of other promotional tools I have. And then my shop suddenly works a lot better, but even small things can be problematic if I do them wrong. Then it doesn't work.

And then I think oh my god, none of this works. I don't need to try that anymore. And it would have worked if you had just tried a little more. Can you do it or if you knew how to do it right. But experience would have built up. You can exchange them with other shop operators. You just have to know the right tricks so that you don't have to try it forever. And then, of course, you can also scale in a completely different way. But I think with all the topics I have just mentioned, many shop operators, many online marketing employees and so on are extremely overwhelmed.

I find that sad because the opportunity for your own online shop is still clear. Amazon occupies a huge market and selling on Amazon is still an incredibly exciting topic, but Amazon is not a topic around endlessly and over a long period of time to scale. Because Amazon will always try to get the sales to itself or there are some factors that suddenly can no longer sell no longer have the box and so on and I'm extremely dependent on that.

So I definitely need my own shop, and I have to do it right and I have to ensure 360 degrees that the customers find the right products at all, that the customers come to my shop, that the customers then buy the products, that they buy the products get neat. That's so happy I collect reviews and then talk to them again and again so that they become regular customers and don't keep shopping at Amazon.

Of course, there is so much involved that I also have to think about, how can I offer other advantages than Amazon, but there are many, many, tried and tested concepts that you just have to implement if you understand. What conversion thinking, what this, what this user-focused mindset is simple.

And then it actually works bit by bit all by itself because ultimately that's just the secret of Amazon's success, even in quotation marks. Just always think very strongly user-specific customer-specific. And that's why people like to buy a different points there. I find everything Prices are good Shipping is fast Return is easy we suggest matching products and so on and so forth. I can do that much better in my own online shop in my own niche if I want to.

And then I'll be successful there too and will soon be able to scale my shop to completely different dimensions. But I have to want it and I have to allow myself to think user-specifically. So now I come to my surprise for my announcement to my whatever.

Because I noticed that shops need to be coached. I am coaching with so many shops and support them. I produce a lot of Arning lessons so the shop can get all the knowledge I have that I have from other shops. You can also easily call it up on demand and always see what might fit now. You can always look for a nice nugget for yourself and always have the complete instructions with you on how to implement it.

For example, I just had a nice lesson on the submarine strategy of produced marching for my own podcast where I explain how a shop is not allowed to advertise. Maybe because I sell something like e-cigarettes or where I can't really advertise or teak products. How I can still generate customers with it through advertising, especially through social media advertising, but it doesn't matter in any case. Since I produce permanently what coaches customers. But the next step starts now and the next step is Conversion Hacking Academy.

Very simple concept but also mega quick-witted. Every month, a course begins in any course at the Conversion Hacking Academy. And always with a maximum of ten people. The training lasts three months and the first training starts on the fourth of 2020 with the first 100 people with the first cohort who come to the Conversion Hedging Academy with me. The whole thing is of course designed for distance learning, but with live sessions with me it's not just a pre-produced granular course, but a really big mix. Blended learning from all the possibilities we have to make these ten people the right conversion and conversion hackers and because it really wants to kick off now, the first ten participants have a 50 percent discount.

Information is available on Pink Conversion Point D. I'll write it again here in the check it out with conversion points or on my Facebook page or click on the banner. In any case. There's the info on April 1st. Attention You can't just book this. I talk to everyone I want to understand where people stand, whether they have the necessary prior knowledge and so on.

That means the first step is simply to request a short conversation with me, which leads to the conversion and then we can decide together whether you fit together and whether you fit into my course and my training. Conversion Hacking Academy Conversion Thinking Conversion optimization done right. I hope you take away from this podcast today. Trying sucks. You really have to know what you're doing. Trying out is doubly shit if you then think you've tried something and it didn't work and then you leave it. Then my head really explodes thinking about it like this and the third step is. You have to learn and internalize conversion thinking, conversion hacking, conversion optimization properly.

All your employees relevant employees have to internalize it. And there are two options and the best option right now is to get in touch. For my first cohort in the Conversion Hacking Academy just go to Think-Conversionen.de. Or if you want me to be your coach, just go to jdk.de, fill out the form and we'll talk about how I can coach you to make your job more successful.

Shouldn't degenerate so much into advertising. I want to convey knowledge here. But I hope the knowledge has arrived and finally the secret of Amazon what you can use to make your job more successful. Just always think about what the user wants, if you do it well then almost everything is in dry cloths.