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From: Jörg Dennis Krüger

At: Shop owner with soon 10 to 200 % more sales 

Online shop operators often do always the same error: Instead of concentrating on who the target group actually is and aligning the shop with them, the design and text are designed and written according to one's own taste and interests.

Imagine if you really knew what customers really perceive and expect from your shop? And seeing that, why don't they buy from you? Wouldn't it be much easier to design the shop for the customers and the To present products in such a way that they are also bought?

98 % of all online shop visitors do not buy! And that's a problem.

But a solvable problem! With "Onlineshop X-Ray" we use our proven thinkCONVERSION analysis procedure and our eye tracking AIto find out exactly what your visitors want. And so you can increase your purchase rate (conversion rate) within two weeks increase by an average of 25 % – often much more.

And do you know what the best part is?

An increase in the conversion rate is permanent! Once increased, you will permanently sell more. Your ROAS increase. You win more customers – and thus more regular customers. Your sales increase significantly faster than your conversion rate increases.


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I know how valuable the insights from our X-Ray are - from my own projects and through my Masterclass customers.


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