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E-commerce A/B test tools

Improving your online store starts with choosing the right A/B testing tool. Tools like Optimizely and VWO offer you the functions you need to analyze and optimize various areas of your online store.

A/B testing tools provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to create and compare different versions of your website. You can test variations of certain elements, such as different colors, fonts or call-to-action buttons. By testing these variations, you can find out which version performs best and leads to a higher conversion rate.

For example, Optimizely offers a feature called "Visual Editing" that allows you to make changes to your website without having to write a single line of code. This makes the A/B testing process much easier and allows you to make optimizations quickly and efficiently.

VWO is another well-known A/B testing tool that offers an extensive range of features. You can use heatmaps to see how users interact with your website and make changes based on this. VWO also offers the ability to run personalization and targeting tests to better target your audience.

Optimization of the conversion rate

Your conversion rate is a decisive factor in measuring the success of your online store. A/B tests can help to increase this figure. Through regular A/B tests, you can find out which elements of your website influence the conversion rate and make targeted optimizations.

For example, you could create two different versions of your checkout page and see which version leads to more completed purchases. You may find that removing unnecessary steps or adding trust symbols improves the conversion rate.

Another area that you can optimize is the navigation of your online store. By testing different navigation structures and categories, you can find out which version improves the user-friendliness of your site and leads to more conversions.

It is important to carry out new tests on a regular basis in order to stay up to date. Customer preferences can change over time and it is important to identify these trends and make adjustments accordingly.

Product pages A/B testing

Let's start with the A/B testing of product pages. These pages play a crucial role in persuading customers to buy. This involves testing and optimizing various elements of the product page. From the product description and product images to the price - every little thing can make a big difference.

For example, you can create two versions of the product description, one with detailed information and one with short and concise information. By testing these two versions, you can find out which version leads to more purchases and which type of information your customers prefer.

Another element you can test is the product images. You could use different stock images to see what kind of images increase conversions best. You might find that high-quality images with different perspectives perform the best.

Also consider testing the price of your products. You could test different price points to see how they affect the conversion rate. You may find that a slightly reduced price generates more purchases.

Shopping cart optimization

One area of the online store that is often overlooked is the shopping cart. However, the shopping cart is the last step before the purchase - and therefore important. Here too, A/B tests can make a significant difference.

For example, you could test different designs and functions of the shopping cart. You could test whether adding cross-selling suggestions, such as "Customers also bought" or "Other popular products", leads to more purchases. You could also test whether adding discount codes or free shipping increases the conversion rate.

A/B tests in the shopping cart should not only focus on aesthetic aspects, but also on user-friendliness and trustworthiness. Make sure that the shopping cart is clearly visible and easy to use and that all important information, such as shipping and payment methods, is clearly displayed.

Checkout page tests

Last but not least, don't forget the checkout page. The checkout page is the ultimate barrier before completing the purchase process. It must not only be functional, but also trustworthy. A/B testing can help to optimize this page and improve the conversion rate.

For example, you could test different elements of the checkout page, such as different payment methods. You might find that offering PayPal as a payment method leads to a higher conversion rate. You could also test whether adding security or guarantee seals increases user trust.

It is important to make the checkout process as simple as possible. Long forms and unnecessary steps can be off-putting for potential buyers. You could test different versions of the checkout process and analyze which version has the lowest number of abandonments.


A/B testing is a great way to improve the user experience of your online store and increase your conversion rate. By choosing the right A/B testing tool and conducting regular tests, you can find out which elements of your online store should be optimized.

Remember that A/B testing takes time and commitment. It's important to carefully analyze the results and make targeted tweaks based on your findings. While the process can be a bit tedious in the beginning, the results are worth it in the end. So, get to work and start your first A/B tests today!

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