Increase sales through optimization of shopping cart abandonment emails

Optimizing the use of shopping cart abandonment emails to increase sales in e-commerce

Cart abandonment emails are an effective tool to generate more sales in eCommerce stores. When potential customers add products to their shopping cart but do not complete the purchase process, such an email can encourage them to complete the transaction after all. After all, it is often only small hurdles or distractions that prevent the purchase from being completed.

When are shopping cart abandonment emails useful?

First of all, when does it make sense to send shopping cart abandonment emails? The answer is simple: whenever a potential customer cancels the purchase process without emptying the shopping cart. There can be various reasons for this. Perhaps the customer was distracted, had technical difficulties or was still in doubt about the price or product feature. A carefully crafted cart abandonment email can dispel these doubts or remind the customer about the product again.

What do good shopping cart abandonment emails look like?

Timing is an important point. The email should be sent shortly after the purchase process has been canceled, ideally within 24 hours. This way, the product is still fresh in the potential customer's mind.

Furthermore, the email should be personalized and refer to the specific products in the shopping cart. This gives the customer the feeling that you are attentive to them and value their satisfaction.

Another important aspect is offering a clear and simple way back to the purchase process. This can be a simple "Back to shopping cart" button that takes the customer directly back to the exact point where they left off with one click. It is crucial that the return to the purchase process is as simple and straightforward as possible.

Use of incentives

Incentives such as vouchers or discount codes can also be included in the cart abandonment email. These can motivate the customer to complete the purchase after all. The price, which may initially have seemed too high, can suddenly appear in a more attractive light thanks to the discount.

The reference to free delivery can also help to positively influence the decision-making process. Many customers abandon a purchase if high shipping costs are only added in the last step. If this customer then receives an email with the offer of free delivery, this can be a very effective incentive to complete the purchase after all.

Communicating the benefits

It is also important to clearly emphasize the benefits of the product once again. Perhaps the customer doubted whether they really needed the product when they abandoned their purchase. In the shopping cart abandonment email, you can remind the customer again specifically why the product is an enrichment for them.


Shopping cart abandonment emails are an efficient tool to increase sales in eCommerce stores. With the right timing, personalized messages, convenient options to return to the purchase process and appealing incentives, such emails are an effective way to persuade customers to complete a transaction.

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