A/B test tools for conversion rate optimization: insights & tips

Effective management of workflows

If you want efficient management and optimal results, you need to keep in mind that the organization of workflows is of the utmost importance. If you are considering the appropriate features of a workflow management system, then this is a significant sign that you are not yet fully satisfied with the efficiency of your team.

Recognizing overload

If you are confronted with too many tasks at the same time, this can very quickly result in overload. It is very important to take time for skillful planning so that you do not become overloaded. Make an overview of all upcoming tasks and allocate them carefully. How do we notice that we are overloaded?

  • Our productivity is decreasing.
  • Priorities are difficult to set.
  • The quality of our work suffers.
  • We are making more and more mistakes.


Use of A/B test tools to increase the conversion rate

In the digital age, online marketing is becoming increasingly important. In this context, A/B testing tools play a crucial role. Their task is to determine which version of a website delivers the better results. They can be used to create different versions of a website and then compare them in a test run. The principle is relatively simple: two or more versions of a website are presented to different user groups. You then analyze which version best meets the defined KPIs.

There are a variety of A/B test tools that can be used in this context. Popular examples are Google Optimize, Optimizely or the Visual Website Optimizer. Each of these tools has its specific strengths and weaknesses. Which tool in particular

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