For online store operators:

Increase conversion rate and sales? 
Your solution: thinkCONVERSION® with AI

Without wasting money on agencies or losing a lot of money on Google and Facebook.

With the proven thinkCONVERSION® strategy we increase your conversion rate, your sales, customer satisfaction and your organic rankings.

Your store will move from Stand out from the competition and offer your customers real added value.

We know how online advertising will work in 2024 - effectively without spending huge sums of money on Google and Facebook.

Save time and money? Our framework for online stores makes it possible.

"Jörg Dennis Krüger is the right man when it comes to pushing online sales"

(Jochen Schweizer, investor on the German version of "Shark Tank")

Our secret: thinkCONVERSION®

"thinkCONVERSION", developed by Jörg Dennis Krüger, is far more than just a strategy - it is a comprehensive philosophy based on proven best practices and sound data-driven analyses. Our targeted approach focuses on adapting specific levers to maximize the conversion rate and sustainably increase your sales. This not only leads to more successful stores, but also saves considerable time.

Get to know our transformative strategy in a free initial consultation and find out how "thinkCONVERSION" can also help your online store to be more successful. Our aim is either to provide you and your team with comprehensive training or to take over the complete implementation of the optimization measures. In this way, you can secure sustainable competitive advantages and promote the growth of your company. With "thinkCONVERSION" you are relying on a tried and tested method that will revolutionize your e-commerce business. 

New: thinkCONVERSION AI. All concepts and processes have been adapted to achieve even faster, even better results through the use of LLM (Large Language Models) such as ChatGPT, Gemini or Claude.

Success in E-Commerce gets harder every day

In the world of e-commerce, no two days are the same. Online store operators must constantly adapt. Are you struggling to make your first sale or are you looking for ways to expand your already successful business? Conditions are constantly changing.

I am Jörg Dennis Krüger, the "Conversion Hacker", founder of JDKRUEGER&CO. 25 years of experience in eCommerce. Two successful books. Over 100 million euros extra turnover in online stores through thinkCONVERSION. 

I'll show you how to make your online store more successful.

We rely on data and our many years of experience, not on assumptions. We help newcomers and experienced shop owners alike: small changes with a big impact here, scalable strategies there - always with an eye on quality and customer satisfaction.

In e-commerce, the work never stops. But with JDKRUEGER&CO, you have an experienced partner at your side. We use innovative and proven methods to make your store stand out from the crowd.

Your success depends on the conversion rate. This is where we come in. Let's improve your conversion rate and drive your e-commerce success together.

Welcome to our company! Together we can achieve more.

Jörg Dennis Krüger
The Conversion Hacker® / Founder JDKRUEGER&CO

Some success stories

Biovative faced the challenge of presenting its unique products to a wide audience. To achieve this, a platform was needed that not only included an online store, but also knowledge articles, an appealing corporate design and meaningful videos and images.

The aim was to create a comprehensive presence that would effectively appeal to and convince Biovative's target group. It was important not only to sell the products, but also to strengthen the brand and gain the trust of customers.

We supported Biovative throughout the entire project. By analyzing the target group, conducting user interviews, identifying sales arguments, planning the website and creating extensive media content, including CEO videos, promotional videos, team and product photos and product texts, we developed a tailor-made solution. The entire store was programmed on the basis of WooCommerce. 

We were awarded the "Online Shop of the Year" at the Stevie Awards for our work.

"Bulls Coffee", founded by Ola Bull and known from "2-Minuten-2-Millionen", offers innovative coffee capsules made from wood shavings and filled with high-quality coffee from Colombia. The challenge was to develop a concept for the online store that emphasizes and effectively communicates the uniqueness of the product.

The aim was to create an appealing online store that not only presents the products in the best possible way, but also emphasizes the unique selling points (USPs) and increases organic visibility through a well thought-out SEO concept. Of course, the overall aim was to achieve a high conversion rate and build a scalable online business.

Together with Ole Bull, we developed a comprehensive concept for the online store. This included the product presentation, the presentation of the USPs, the creation of an SEO concept and the technical implementation in Shopify. Our work enables Bulls-Coffee to successfully market their innovative product idea online.

Genusswelt Hanstedt began as an addition to a travel agency to offer products that people want to bring back from their travels. With the decline in travel due to Covid-19, the online store gained in importance.

The aim was to design the online store in such a way that it reflects the variety and quality of the products and appeals to customers even without the travel experience. The challenge was to find an appealing presentation and structure for the store.

We provided Stefanie Hellmann and her team with intensive training to create the online store from scratch. The focus was on the conception of the products, the development of an appealing presentation and structure. Our approach enabled Genusswelt Hanstedt to successfully navigate through the pandemic and adapt their business model to the new circumstances.

Geschenke24 was already a successful online store with a monthly turnover of around 250,000 euros. The challenge was to increase the conversion rate in order to make more effective use of the existing traffic, especially organic traffic and traffic via Google Ads.

The aim was to significantly increase the conversion rate through targeted measures in order to persuade more users to make a purchase. This was to be achieved by addressing and using existing traffic more efficiently.

To achieve this goal, we relied on A/B testing and personalization. By testing different versions of the homepage, product pages, category pages and checkout pages, we were able to identify the key conversion triggers. Personalization played an essential role in consistently delivering the best-performing experiences and providing customized views to visitors coming from specific sources. These strategies led to a significant increase in conversion rates and increased monthly revenue to around EUR 1 million. Eventually, Geschenke24 was sold to an e-commerce holding company for a multi-million euro sum.




The Conversion Hacker

Over 25 years experience in online marketing

Author of bestselling books "Conversion boosting with website testing" and "Web Content Management".

Over 100 million euros in additional sales through thinkCONVERSION®.

Germany Conversion Expert #1

My team and I live for conversion optimization and growth hacking. I started researching the technology behind it over 20 years ago. I wrote the standard works on conversion optimization and content management in Germany and helped hundreds of companies to increase their conversion rate and their success.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does the free strategy meeting work?
Your strategy meeting with Jörg Dennis Krüger is all about you and your goals. He uses the time to help you recognize your potential and develop a plan for you and your online store together. Topics may include data analysis, product selection, target group identification, conversion optimization and efficient advertising measures.

Why is the strategy meeting free of charge?
We offer the strategy meeting free of charge because it is important that both sides - you and we - can work together with confidence and trust. It allows us to understand your business model and show you how we can support you, with the hope of a future collaboration if it suits both of you.

I'm not sure if you can help me?
If you have an online store, there is a good chance that we can help you. The non-binding analysis meeting will give you clarity about how and whether we can support you.

Which store systems can you help with?
We have experience with a variety of store systems, including Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento and many more. Our training courses are designed to be applicable regardless of the store system used and can be implemented with any store software.

How long does a training session last?
The duration of the training depends on your individual situation and your goals. We offer different training courses for different needs, from starting a business to scaling up. The active support usually varies between 6 and 12 months.

What does the training cost?
Our training and services are tailored to your specific needs and goals, which is why the costs vary. A free analysis meeting will help you to find the right offer for you and make you an appropriate quote.

How quickly can I expect to see improvements after the strategy meeting?
During your strategy meeting with Jörg Dennis Krüger, we will lay the foundations for possible immediately implementable improvements and long-term strategies for your online store. Depending on your individual needs and the complexity of your project, initial steps and optimizations can often be implemented in the short term. We give you a clear overview of which measures will have a quick effect and which require more in-depth planning.

What is the best way to prepare for the strategy meeting?
To get the most out of our strategy meeting, we recommend that you gather some information about your business and your goals in advance. This includes current challenges, objectives for your online store and existing data about your customers and sales figures. This preparation allows us to tailor the conversation to your needs and start immediately with valuable recommendations for you.

What results can I expect from the strategy meeting?
In our strategy meeting, you will receive an individual assessment of your current situation as well as specific recommendations for optimizing your online store. Together, we will develop an initial action plan tailored to your goals and show you how you can make the most of your potential. This will give you a clear idea of how we can support you and what steps to take next.

Can I use the strategy meeting if I don't have an online store yet?
Absolutely! If you are at the beginning of your e-commerce adventure, the analysis meeting is an excellent opportunity to get everything right from the start. We help you create a solid foundation for your future online store by discussing product selection, target group analysis and market entry strategies together. Our aim is to prepare you in the best possible way for your successful launch.

Is there a limit to the size of the company that can register for the strategy meeting?
Our services are aimed at companies of all sizes - from sole traders to established companies. We tailor our advice and support to the specific needs and goals of your business, whether you are just starting out or are already an established player in your market. Your success is what drives us.

How confidentially will my data and information be treated?
Data protection and confidentiality are our top priority. All information that you entrust to us as part of the analysis discussion or a future collaboration will be treated in strict confidence. We guarantee that your business secrets and data are kept safe with us and will not be passed on to third parties without your express consent.

Can I receive further support after the strategy meeting?
Yes, the analysis meeting is just the beginning of our potential collaboration. Based on the findings and plans from the discussion, we offer you a range of services and training courses that are specifically tailored to your needs and goals. From detailed strategy development to ongoing support and optimization - we are at your side to make your online store a success.